// Private, Encrypted Contact Forms

// Private, Encrypted Contact Forms

Form Features

Our contact forms are simple and easy to use, but under the hood are full of advanced features.


Your form's Title, Heading and Thank You message can all be easily modified to suit your needs. You can even disable the fnContact logo. Soon we'll even let you upload your own logo or image.

Email Notifications

If you choose to give us your email address, we'll notify you when someone uses your contact form. The user of your form will never see your email address.


To automatically email your form users with a custom message, just enable our auto-responder!

SPAM Prevention (ReCaptcha)

We use Google's excellent ReCaptcha program to help prevent SPAM and Robots from using our contact forms. This ensures that messages you receive were submitted by actual humans.

Your own custom fnContact.com URL

By default your fnContact form will have it's own unique, random URL - but you can also customize your URL to make it more personal. For instance, something like https://fncontact.com/I-am-awesome would really impress people.

PGP Encryption

PGP Encryption is one of our most important features. Our PGP implementation lets you you make PGP encrypted forms simply and easily to ensure your messages are secure and seen only by you.

Management Dashboard

Every FnContact form has it's own management dashboard to read your messages and control the various settings and options we have available. This dashboard can be password protected or you can share it with your team. It's up to you.

Messages Dashboard

Each FnContact form also has a messages-only dashboard. This is very useful when you want to provide message access to someone, but you don't want them to be able to control the settings of your form.


Our forms support being embedded directly on your website or blog with just a few simple lines of code.


Do you already have an HTML form? You can use our form processing know-how and POST your HTML form to your FnContact form. It's incredibly simple to set up and all your website messages will then show up in your FnContact dashboard!

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