// Private, Encrypted Contact Forms

// Private, Encrypted Contact Forms

Use Cases and Examples

There are so many ways to use an fnContact form. Here are some ideas.

Give out your Contact Form URL

Posting your email address or contact information publicly is never a good idea. Even when you think it's "private", it's likely not. Instead, make your own personal fnContact form and post the link so people can easily contact you in a private, anonymous, secure way. Use it on Social Media, IRC, Instant Messaging, Websites, Blogs, Forum Signatures, etc and give people a way to send you encrypted messages without you ever revealing any personal info.

Groups or Organizations (share admin access)

FnContact is great for teams, groups and organizations. Give the Messages Dashboard URL to anyone in the group and they can all share access and view the messages that come in from your group's contact form.

Temporary, anonymous, "burner" forms

Sometimes you may need a way to provide someone with a secure, anonymous way to contact you but you don't want to give away any personal data such as your email address or location. Make an FnContact form, send them the link, and they can contact you via your fnContact form privately and securely without worry. Our encrypted forms are fast and simple to create, so don't hesitate to make new ones whenever you need to.

Have you found an interesting use for fnContact?

If you have found a cool use for your fnContact form, please let us know!

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